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TRAINING - ASPIRE Strategic Planning 

ASPIRE Strategic Planning 

Target Participants: Middle and senior management staff


Suggested Class Size: 25


Duration: 1-Day course or 2-Day course, 09:00 – 17:00 

Objective: To learn the ASPIRE Strategic Planning roadmap and tools; to formulate key organization objectives for the next 3 years; and to explore preliminary strategies that could contribute towards achieving the organization objectives.

Highlights of the Program*

  1. The ASPIRE Strategic Planning roadmap 

  2. Application of various strategic planning tools and templates

  3. How to formulate strategic goals

  4. Identify strategic issues which contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals

  5. Explore appropriate strategies

  6. Resources planning

  7. Implementation review and refine mechanism

  8. Cases sharing by experienced management consultant (Business, government and non-profit sectors)

  9. Experiential activities, group discussion and presentation

* Program elements are subject to change depending on the program duration.

良策 - 策略規劃之路





時間:可選擇一天課程或兩天課程,09:00 – 17:00


培訓目的:學習 「良策」策略規劃路線圖及規劃工具;制訂三年機構策略目標;以及探討有助達成策略目標之具體策略。


  1. 「良策」 策略規劃路線圖

  2. 各種規劃工具的應用

  3. 如何訂立策略目標

  4. 界定有助達成策略目標之策略關鍵元素

  5. 制訂具針對性的策略

  6. 資源規劃

  7. 策略推行的檢討與修訂

  8. 資深管理顧問分享策略規劃個案 ( 商業、政府,及非牟利團體個案 )

  9. 體驗式活動,小組討論及演示

* 視乎課程時間長短,內容會有所調整。

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