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Business Process Improvement & Reengineering

Business processes could be perceived as the engine that drives the daily functioning of an organization. Business processes also define how staff, work units, and other resources are interacted to achieve the desirable results. Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Reengineering (BPR) are the effective approaches to improve that corporate engine, to enhance inter-departmental cooperation, and most importantly, dramatically improve business performance.

We would facilitate your project team throughout the entire BPI/BPR project period, including phases of project chartering, process analysis, improvement options identification, change and resources planning, pilot testing, to final implementation.

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Feasibility Study

There could be adverse effects associated with an unproven operation model, and conducting feasibility study is an approach used to minimize such risk.

We would examine your current operation model and performance; assess the proposed new model through stakeholders’ opinion review, costs-and-benefits analysis, options analysis, and pilot testing. We would then make recommendations based upon the feasibility study findings to aid your management decision.

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