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Objective: This concise Time Management Self-directed learning material (PDF), extracted from our popular Time Master training programme materials, helps you build awareness of the importance of time management; regain control and balance of life; achieve more with less; and perform more effectively in workplace.


Simply start reading the course materials, follow the instructions and finish all the self-reflection and time management exercises. You are expected to finish this self-learning journey in two to three hours.

Section One:     Mastering Time and Life
Section Two:     Doing the Right Things
Section Three:   Achieving More with Less
Section Four:     Mastering Time in Workplace

Target Audience: General staff, new managers and middle management staff.


  • Explore what you really want to achieve in life.
  • Learn the approaches to manage time effectively and efficiently in both personal and work life.
  • Self-reflection and assessment exercises.
  • Time management tools and templates.

Language: PDF format in English - Originated from 110 pages of PowerPoint slides in colour.

Time Master - Time Management Self-directed learning material (PDF)