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Objective: This concise Time Management Self-directed learning material (PDF), extracted from our popular Time Master training programme materials, helps you build awareness of the importance of time management; regain control and balance of life; achieve more with less; and perform more effectively in workplace.


Simply start reading the course materials, follow the instructions and finish all the self-reflection and time management exercises. You are expected to finish this self-learning journey in two to three hours.

Section One:     Mastering Time and Life
Section Two:     Doing the Right Things
Section Three:   Achieving More with Less
Section Four:     Mastering Time in Workplace

Target Audience: General staff, new managers and middle management staff.


  • Explore what you really want to achieve in life.
  • Learn the approaches to manage time effectively and efficiently in both personal and work life.
  • Self-reflection and assessment exercises.
  • Time management tools and templates.

Language: PDF format in English - Originated from 110 pages of PowerPoint slides in colour.

Time Master - Time Management Self-directed learning material (PDF)

  • Single-user License for personal use only - Contents of this eBook shall not be used for profit making or teaching purposes. You may print a physical copy of this eBook for your personal use.


    Please buy the exact number of licenses you need. Please contact us for special discount if you need more than ten licenses of this eBook.

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